Sustainability And CSR Practices in 2016

With the government making it mandatory for the companies spend 2 per cent of their annual profits in the social sector, companies across India plans to spend more than double in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in the fiscal 2017. We need to impact the two most important aspects that is affecting the people, and they are environment and health. There is an urgent need to adopt some smart practices that touch these two important points.

The recent environmental disturbances across the world have stressed on the urgent need to adopt sustainable practices that would lead towards a cleaner and safer world. Buttsbin is one such unique initiative that cares about the environment and the health of human beings. It targets the world’s most littered item and carcinogenic waste that is cigarette butts. Companies across the world may join hands with ButtsBin through their CSR, branding etc and spread the awareness about this unnoticed and alarming situation. By doing this, they will help us in reducing the world’s most littered item and also save human beings from this carcinogenic waste.

We know it well that small steps lead to great results.With our ButtsBin initiative, we are hopeful that people of all ages would do their bit to contribute towards the environment and the health of our citizens.This can be in form of educating your peers and loved ones, organizing a clean up session, organizing a campaign at your organization with the help of ButtsBin. ButtsBin remains committed towards a cleaner and safer India. We look forward to your valuable feedback at

ButtsBin wishes to join hands with Centre to help eliminate cigarette butts, a toxic waste from India

In line with ButtsBin initiative towards reducing the most littered item and carcinogenic waste- cigarette butt, non-government organisation like Doctors for You, a organisation working towards cancer care, had moved the National Green Tribunal praying that the Centre be directed to declare cigarette and bidi butts “toxic waste”.
The Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) have been asked to file their response on prohibiting consumption of tobacco in any form in all public places as it spoils the aesthetics and spreads communicable diseases.
A cigarette butt is made of cellulose acetate, a plastic filter that traps remnants of a smoked cigarette. Cellulose acetate is degradable under ultraviolet rays, but not biodegradable and can persist in the environment for generations. A cigarette butt takes almost 18 months to degrade and even un-smoked filters exhibit a small level of toxicity and there is no process of segregation of cigarette butts from waste.
The Kerala State Forest Department has revealed that around 60 hectares of forest was lost between February 2009 and March 2010 due to fires started by carelessly thrown cigarette butts.
ButtsBin strongly supports such initiatives as it would help us “Keep India cleaner and safer”.

Health and Pollution Hazards of Smoking

Cigarette Butts are the world’s most littered item and carcinogenic waste that is polluting our environment and affecting smokers and “non-smokers” alike with deadly disease like cancer. Cancer has become the number one cause of death worldwide. We at ButtsBin (Let’s keep India cleaner and Safer are committed towards eliminating the risk of cancer and reduce the world’s most littered item from our environment. The article below is our effort towards spreading awareness about this unnoticed problem so that people of all ages come forward and support our unique initiative.

A single tobacco may contain 70 chemicals responsible of listing your name down as one of the future cancer patients. Occasional or passive as it is labeled, this can bring damage as immediate as can be towards the body of a smoker. Cell damage, the same as inflammation of the tissues, can be brought about by smoking and can lead to illness, and to the worst scenario, death. Researchers have been arguing that smoke coming from tobacco contains a deadly concoction of more than likely seven thousand products and chemicals which includes hundreds of toxins, seventy of which are carcinogens. It has been detected that cancer risk is raised seventy times more because of these toxic substances as a result of smoking.

Data reveals that every time a person is exposed to cigarette smoke his DNA can be damaged and this might prevent his body system in repairing cell damages. Cardiovascular diseases can result even with the least exposure to tobacco smoke. As these deadly chemicals reach the lungs the time that smoke is inhaled, immediate damage ensues. The risk of cancer stays with second-hand smoking as well. Cancer patients have the benefit of chemotherapy but cigarette, smokers’ chances for it is reduced. Eighty-five percent of lung cancer cases are a result of cigarette smoking alone and it can also offer a lot of other cancer diseases on the side.

Cigarette smoking can result to having bad skin as it takes away the vitamin C by excessive inhalation of the smoke. Smoking restricts the blood vessels as it prevents oxygen intake and nutrients; the reason why smokers apparently are pale and not healthy compared to those who are not tobacco smokers. It could bring about bad breath for smokers as the nicotine stays longer in the mouth and clings to the teeth and tongue. Cigarette smoke can permeate the clothes and the fabrics that are reached by the aroma.  For athletes, reduced stamina can lead to inefficiency in their kind of sport. The risks of being prone to diseases are imminent; the same as the risk of being easily contaminated with such. There is a lot more of dangers in acquiring injuries and it takes a longer time for the patient to heal.

Therefore, it is not a question on how many sticks of cigarettes one smoker can consume every day. The fact remains that smokers, occasional or passive as the case may be, have the same risk as that of a chain smoker as they all inhale the same kind of smoke and this has already been proven as fatal. If one smokes a stick at a certain period, imagine how many carcinogens he inhales and takes inside his body; multiply it with the number of sticks he takes on in the following days to come and he can come up with more number of carcinogens that can pave the way for a free passage to a shorter life with a longer time of suffering.

Do you agree?

The World’s Most Littered Item

We see it everywhere but ignore it! Is this the just other waste that we see every day? Unfortunately, it is not. Cigarette butts are the most commonly discarded piece of waste worldwide. Contrary to the popular belief, cigarette butts are not biodegradable! A cigarette butt is a combination of a plastic filter and the remnants of a smoked cigarette.

The filter is non-biodegradable, and the tobacco remnant is toxic but biodegrades into the environment because it is an organic substance. They leach carcinogenic (cancer causing) compounds like cadmium, lead and arsenic in water within an hour of contact. Children are often exposed to cigarette butts in park, roads, home etc. and catches infection through them. Birds, fishes, animals die by consuming this hazardous waste. They in turn affect humans when they consume them. They are also one of the biggest source of fire in forests, buildings etc.


Fortunately, governments across the world have realized the hazardous impact of this unnoticed waste and have come up with stern action against the violators. Countries like USA, UK, and Australia are imposing huge fines on abusers to curb the problem of this litter. Even community groups like colleges, schools, corporates are doing a great job in educating people about this hazardous waste and are often seen engaged in clean up campaigns. Even developing countries like India have launched a Swachh Bharat campaign against the litter problem that is tarnishing her image. But as they say small steps lead to great results, a campaign against the cigarette waste is the need of the hour. ButtsBin is one such initiative that is launched in India and is dedicated towards the elimination of cigarette butts’ waste from our environment with a unique product and awareness campaigns. With over 100 million smokers in India, smoking over double that number, the butt of one out of every three smoked cigarettes ends up being dropped on our streets, parks, beaches and waterways.


We at ButtsBin urge people to be sensible towards littering problem and particularly cigarette butts as “Every Drop Counts”.