Our team at ButtsBin is dedicated towards the elimination of cigarette butts' waste from our environment with a unique product and awareness campaigns. Cigarette butts are the world's most littered item and are carcinogenic. With over 100 million smokers in India, smoking over double that number, the butt of one out of every three smoked cigarettes ends up being dropped on our streets, parks, beaches and waterways.

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Please help ButtsBin kick the butts from our environment. Every year billions of cigarettes are sold worldwide and about 1/3 of these are tossed into our waterways, beaches, parks and streets. They are eaten by animals, played with by children, and blight our neighborhoods and public spaces. It's time to Kick the Butts! Please contact us to know about our effective customized awareness campaigns to support our work to make sure your oceans, rivers, parks, beaches and communities are free of toxic butts!.With this,we will also help the corporates,governments,organizations contribute towards their "Corporate Social Responsibility". To join us,send in your request at buttsbin@gmail.com